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Aid To Giving and Receiving Feedback


Alden Library Online Request for Book/Journal


Developing an Electronic Teaching Portfolio


Essays on Teaching Excellence: Toward the Best in the Academy” free for OU faculty only


Faculty Questionnaire


Monthly FacDev Notes Archive


Multiple Choice Exam Policy



- NBOME Test Writing online module


- NBOME Test Writing Workshop Materials (from 2008 FD Workshop)


Student Evaluation of Faculty


Student Response System Guidelines


Synthesis & Integration (S&I) Session Strategy


Turning Point (Clicker) Technologies Tutorials

Weekly Rounds Current & Archive

Faculty Development Tidbits


Educational Technology 2.0: Rethinking How We Connect Learner and Teachers. Larry Hurtubise, MA , 15 Mar 2012


Flipped Classroom Video Primer



Small Group Facilitators Resources



NEW!  OUHCOM/CORE Faculty Development Poster


NEW! Awards

- The Kirkland Award for Professionalism

    -- Nomination Form 


Certificate or Degree Programs in Medical Education


Clinical Teaching Opportunities

Didactic Teaching Opportunities


CORE Faculty Development Site


Clinical Case Conference Presentation Protocol


New Faculty

OU-HCOM/CORE Group IV Faculty   Appointment and Reappointment/Promotion Protocol


CORE Faculty Development Self-Assessment Instrument (new instrument and URL)


Resources for Faculty (Preceptors)

15 sites with  72 modules, 42 chapters, 5 presentations and  many 24 links on teaching best practices!  Examples:

- Setting the Stage

- Clinical Reasoning

- Giving Feedback

- Student Assessment

- Conflict Resolution

- Supporting the Struggling Student

- Student Orientation 


Effective Clinical Teaching (updated 2007)


CME for Preceptors


Mastering the Preceptor Role:

    - American College of Physicians: Teaching in Your Office: A

           Guide to Instructing Medical Students and Residents

      - Dartmouth Medical School Office of Community-based

           Education and Research: Links to Excellent Preceptor           

           Resources & Simple Precepting Tools

     - University of Virginia Health System Preceptor Education

          Preceptor Development Program

     - US Department of Ed Fund for Improvement of Post Secondary

          Education (FIPSE) sponsored: The Expert Preceptor Interactive

          Curriculum (EPIC)

     - WVSOM Educational Development Faculty Resources

     - Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC)

          Preceptor Development Program


- Archived Power Point Presentations for:

  -- The 5 Domains of our 2002-2006 Action Plan (RPACS)

  -- Other OU-HCOM/CORE Faculty Development Topics

  -- External Links to Other Faculty Development Topics


Preceptor Communiqué Current and Archived

Quarterly newsletter featuring STFM's "The Teaching Physician"


Faculty Development Newsletters Archive


Available Workshops


  Educational Monographs

   - The One Minute Preceptor

     -- The One-Minute Preceptor - AUDIO version

   - Integrating the Learner into the Busy Office

   - Setting Expectations

   - Teaching at the Bedside

   - Dealing with the Difficult Learning Situation

   - The Effective Preceptor

   - Evaluation: Making it Work

   - Providing Feedback to Learners

   - Evaluating the Student

   - Multicultural Medicine

   - Asking Questions

   - Orienting the Student

   - Learning Objectives


Program Directors

A Program Director's Guide to Teaching and Assessing the Seven Competencies

Institutional Core Competency Plan (ICCP) Template

CORE Program Internal Review (PIR) Documents


Interns and Residents

Teaching Resources/Materials for Chief Residents

University of New Mexico School Of Medicine: Residents As Teacher Resource

Intern / Resident Workshops

UC Irvine College of Med: The Residents' Teaching Skills  website &  Clinical Teaching Perception Inventory® (CTPI) with article on  research to support it.


Y3 & Y4 Medical Students

Student Evaluation of Preceptor (sample from OUCOM)

Preceptor Evaluation of Student (same for all rotations)


NEW! Full Tuition Scholarship to: Increase Skills in Teaching, Assessment, Leadership, Project Development and Implementation . . .and Geriatrics.

Mount Sinai School of Medicine:
Brookdale Department of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine

NEW!  List of Master's Program in Health Professions


Emotional Intelligence Primer


Intro to OMT for Non-DOs

Short: 5:21 Long: 10:19


How To Motivate Followers


25 Apps for OME


Successful Tch Principles


Leadership 101 &

Leadership 101 Worksheet


TurningPoint 5 Quick Start


TurningPoint 5 Download


Presentation Principles


Faculty Development on Osteopathic Philosophy and Principles


HRSA Grant Training:

Cultural Competence (CC), Patient Safety (PS), Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)

GY1 (2005-2006)

GY2a (2006-2007)


Research/Grant Resources

- OU-HCOM Office of Research and Grants (ORG)

- OU--HCOM CORE Research Education

- OU Grant Writing Resources

- The Art of Grantsmanship

Quick Lesson Plan Template

Quick Power Point Template

Brain Based Pedagogy

Brain Rules by John Medina...condenced to 20 slides

Cognitive Domain Taxonomy

Journal Watch

Videoconference Skills

Presentation Tips

Presentation Skills ppt

Videoconference Guiding Principles

OMM Case Considerations Toolbox

Useful Links

- Active Learning Strategies

  -- Think, Pair, Share

- Bloom's Taxonomies (Cognitive,

      Psychomotor, & Affective)

- Classroom Assessment

     Techniques (CATS)

- Delegation (ppt) & Delegation Art

- Meeting Management

- Developing Learning Objectives

- Educational Theories

- Foundation for Critical Thinking

- How to avoid Death by PowerPoint

  --PPT on creating better PPT

- Ice Breakers

- Medical Education Conferences

- Medical Ethics 

- Medical Multimedia Resources

- Medical Websites of Interest

- NIH Grant Writing Information

- Principles of Adult Learning

- Socratic Questioning

- Teaching Excellence Centers

- Teaching Philosophy Statement

- Theory Into Practice Database

- Tools For Teaching

- Strategic Planning


- Teaching Tips

  -- 10 Teaching Tips (OU)

  -- Educational Quotes

  -- Honolulu Community College

  -- Lrn, Tch, Tech Central (AWC)

  -- On Course active teaching ideas

  -- Quick Tips For:

     --- beginning the term,

     --- helping students learn,

     --- giving students feedback,

     --- for using a variety of

          instructional strategies

     Tips (award winning site)

  -- Socratic Questioning

  -- Teaching Tips Archive (In St U)

  -- Teaching Tips (EKU)

  -- What Students Want In a



- Classroom Observation Form


- Copyright/Plagiarism/Fair Use 



- Creating PowerPoint presentations from Word outlines

- Voice over Power Point


- Teaching Talk Topics (NEOUCOM)

  -- Effective Presentation Skills

  -- Evaluation: Making It Work

  -- Giving Effective Feedback

  -- MedEdPORTAL

  -- Writing Instructional Objectives

How to Create a Poster

Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) Resources

Skill Kit: Finding Articles PubMed

Mentor Resources

Cultural Competency

Sexual Harassment Policy

Professionalism in MedEd

Learning Style Inventories

Multiple Intelligences

FD Learning Modules

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